Welcome to our Auxiliary Page. We are now open to male or female relatives of veterans or members of Post 3460. Our Mission is to serve our veterans and our community.


Auxiliary Officers

President                                     Bill Newburg

Vice President                            Jill Keithly

Junior Vice President                Akilan Evans-Pigford

Treasurer                                     Susan (Sue) Chapin

Secretary                                     Marie Brennan

Conductor/Conductress           Janet Martinelli

Guard                                            Lynette McCann

Chaplain                                       Ann Donlan

1 Year Trustee                             Christine Crosby

2 Year Trustee                            Charlie McCloskey

3 Year Trustee                            Peggy Ann Newburg


Happy Birthday to our Auxiliary Members that have Birthdays in October

 ★ Michael Diloia           6th

★ JoAnn McGroaty      8th

★ Janet Rossi                8th

★ Anna Marie McCann 9th

★ Kimberly Bordley   12th

                   Breakfast with Santa 2022


If you are the spouse, widower or widow, parent, grandparent, son or daughter, grandchild, brother or sister, step or adopted parent, step or adopted child or a half sibling of a qualifying veteran you can and should join the Auxiliary.  As a member of the Auxiliary you will be a member of the National  Auxiliary not just a member of our post.  We support our veteran and their families. We are allowed to visit VFW posts all over the world.  You can transfer from the HA to the Auxiliary now.  Our dues are $25 a year.  You only need your veterans DD214.  Ask the bartender for an application or for more information contact me.  Peggy Ann Newburg President of the Post 3460 Auxiliary.  peggyannn@verizon.net. 610-742-6832

Fair Acres Christmas Party 2009

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