Commander               Jake Knapp

  Sr. Vice                        Frank Newburg

  Jr. Vice                         Ken Delmar

  Quartermaster         Bob Hughes

  Adjutant                     Joe Casey

  Chaplain                     Ed Hess

  Judge Advocate        Tom Brown

  Surgeon                      Erik Benson

  1 Yr. Trustee              Mike Nazolo

  2 Yr. Trustee              Dominic Basile

  3Yr. Trustee               Chris Hufschmidt

  Officer of the Day    Ed Modestowicz

  Sgt. At Arms               Harry Eder

  Service Officer           Allen Dick

   Service Officer             Tom Brown

  Service Officer           Ken Delmar

  Web Master                Jake Knapp

  Web Master               Joe Strauch

Post 3460 Photos from

1997 to 2007


     VFW Post 3460 is looking to add at least 20 new members this year. If you served in a combat zone for at least 30 straight days you may be eligible. Bring us your DD214 and we can see if you are.

       If you have served in Iraq or Afghanistan we will pay for your first years membership

    We are here to serve our fellow comrades and our community. Become an active member, attend our monthly meetings, join our fund raisers, veterans events, Buddy Poppy Drives, join our well known active Honor Guard. Enjoy comradeship in our newly renovated Post Home and Canteen with your fellow veterans. Check out our Events Page.

We also have three trained Service Officers available to assist you and handicap hardware (Walkers, crutches and wheelchairs).

We are a Non-Smoking Post

Call (610) 566-9980 for information or email  vfw3460@vfw.3460.com

June 21, 2018

VFW Post 3460 Post, Auxiliary and HA Members,

      I will once again have the honor to be serving as Commander of VFW Post 3460 and President of the HA. The Officers and I are looking into a Banner 2018-2019 with our motto as Teamwork, working hand in hand with the Auxiliary and Home Association to serve our veterans and our community. We are not a ‘Smoke Filled Bar,’ we are the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

       To make our Post more efficient I have put together and number of committees that will be sharing the work and following the rules as a team. Some committees will also have Auxiliary and HA members involved. These committees will also need the help of you, the members to become more involved to help us achieve our goals and objectives for the upcoming year. Here are a few.

      As we lose more and more of the men that served during the Greatest Generation, WWLL, we, the VFW Members, have to pick up the torch they left burning and bring in new members. I have set our goal for this year at 20 new VFW Members.

     Our Memorial Day Buddy Poppy Drive brought in $4,307.00 in donations, thanks to a handful of members giving a few hours of their time and the support of Wawa. I have set next years goal at $6,000.00. Every penny of these donations goes into our Relief Fund that can only be used for veterans and their families in need. We need more of you to join in. We will have plenty of good spots especially with the new Wawa at Providence Road in Media being open.

      We are asking our members to report the hours they spend on community services they perform in hospitals, schools, churches, youth activities etc.

       Our Honor Guard needs more veterans to join.  I would like to see at least 8 new members. Our Honor Guard is one of the few left in Delaware County and has performed at many functions including, funerals, parades, veterans and other events and leads the Media Veterans Day Parade every year.

       I am asking more of our Post Members to get more involved, come to meetings, recruit the friends you served with or know, join the Honor Guard, join a committee, help out at our fund raisers and poppy dives. Also think about getting more involved and become a Post Officer and work up to become Commander.

    The Auxiliary is no longer the Ladies Auxiliary. It now accepts male members that are not VFW eligible but are related to a veteran that is or was or related to one of our members.

     The Home Association is a great way for non-eligible veterans to become a member of a VFW post and help and socialize with their comrades.

      Other ways to help or get involved is to help out with our Sunday Breakfast (This Sunday), Fair Acres (This Saturday), the monthly American Legion Dinner (First Monday of the month) and other functions.

     Some of you that haven’t been to the post for a while.  Stop in and see all the renovating, inside and out, that was provided by Home Depot. We are smoke free, have a free game room with pool, shuffleboard and darts. Have a cold one in our canteen served by one of our Friendly Mixologist Debbie, Stacey, Captain Higgy or Allison. All under the direction of our canteen manager Pat Flannagan.

     Don’t forget our Ken Barlow Hall rentals. Pat has been doing a great job booking our Post Home for all occasions. Tell your friends.

     Our Post and Auxiliary Meetings will resume the second Tuesday in September at 6:00 for the Auxiliary and 6:30 for the Post. Our HA Meetings continue the third Tuesday of every month at 6PM. Bingo is every Wednesday night at 6.

     Joe Strauch will continue to bring you updates and amuse you with our display panel in the canteen.

     Here is a web site I created a few years ago that may bring back memories.


    The Officers of your Post and I are looking forward to serving our comrades and our community. Join in. Should anyone have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

I remain in comradeship,

Jake Knapp, Commander

VFW Post 3460
Media, PA



     Post 3460 and District 7 are in much need of new younger members to get involved with carrying on our commitment to your fellow comrades. The bulk of the VFW was WWII Veterans and there are only the few left now. As I look around I do not see enough coming in to backfill our ranks and continue what they built.

     We are in need of not only committed members but young Post Officers to learn the ropes and Honor Guard Members to march proudly throughout our community and stand guard for our fallen.

     Contact us to get more information and stop by our Post Home. We will also be holding an Open House in the fall. Plan on attending and bring some of your fellow comrades you may have served with.

     VFW Post 3460 and District 7 are not just bars, we are a the Veterans of Foreign Wars committed to helping our fellow veterans, their families and our community. Don't let us fade away.

 Till I hear from you I remain in comradeship,

Jacob (Jake) Knapp, Commander

VFW Post 3460


​Pictured are some of our members while serving their country. Send us yours.

​Go To Contacts Page and use the form and

​include your phone number and someone will contact you for where to send them.

VFW Post 3460 

'It isn't what you paid to be a member, it's what you paid to be eligable

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