Media VFW Post 3460

JULY 4, 2019


MY TWO CENTS: Tuesday night the officers of Post 3460 had their first Officers Meeting for the 2019-2020 year ahead. Our meeting was very productive as we laid out our goals and plans for the upcoming year. Highlights of the meeting were;

1.      Pat Flanagan reported that we have reached a decision on the canteen chairs. The original vendor went out of business so we have been shopping for the best deal we could get. The new chairs will be medal swivel chairs with soft cushions. The old chairs that are still good will be going to the Darby VFW Post. We have a vendor lined up to engrave the Memorial Plates for the chairs some of you have donated for.
2.      Plans are under way for an Awards Night in October. We plan to have a catered affair with some entertainment. We are looking at a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon when the Eagles are not playing. (October 20th) Your input is welcome.
3.      Karaoke will resume July 12th with a 50/50 drawing to help pay for the entertainment rather than have a cover charge. If you come, take a chance so we can continue to have a fun Friday night.
4.      Bingo will continue every Wednesday at 6:30 with the help of George Rodgers, Harry Kent, Harry Eder, Jerry McCann and John Carney.
5.      Ed Hess requested we donate the birthday money we received to Fair Acres to help with their recreation program.

     We will be looking to do more with our Relief Fund Money to help our veterans in need. We are also looking into adopting a unit to send supplies and support to and continue to donate to our community with our small game’s money.

     It is an honor to be serving once again as commander of 3460. We had a very successful year, 2018-2019 and will try and do even better in the new year, but we need your help. We need more of our younger members to get involved and learning the ropes on running the post. We need more to join our Honor Guard and more volunteers for our Buddy Poppy Drives. Our Post Home need repairs now and then. Anyone that is handy with maintenance work contact us or Fran Newburg and we will start a list of those we can call for repairs.

     The canteen and rentals continue to do well and we need your input to let us know what we can do to improve. The Auxiliary will again be hosting the Media American Legion the first Monday of the month starting in September and they need help preparing and serving the food prior to their meeting. Contact Peg Newburg. Our Sunday Breakfast could also us more help.

      I look forward to the year ahead and my main goal for 2019-2020 is getting more of our members involved.

Thank you,

Jake Knapp

SICK CALL; Bill Fili is home, Pat Flanagan had his cast removed and is hobbling around in a boot and scoter. Dan Barry had a cast removed and is home on the couch. I am back after a couple bumps in the road.


Orders are being taken to purchase a Canteen Memorial Chair with Memorial Nameplate. Includes 3 lines of text in memory of anyone of your choice. Cost is $50.00. Forms are in the canteen.

Jake -- Below is an effort we started 10 years ago to teach the Vietnam War in classrooms locally and nationally. We also decided to include the Iraq War for  reasons you will see below.
We will be constantly adding new videos and adjusting from feedback from veterans
and educators.
Bob McMahon

I would like you to see the Veterans National Education Program's Initiative on both the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. We are partnering with the National Council for the Social Studies and the PA Council for the Social Studies. Both feel now is the time to teach the Iraq War while the sons and daughters of Iraq veterans are in middle school and high school. The first link below is our Global Awareness Map that has 905 short videos on 60 countries where the United States has a presence or strategic interest.

The second link is the Vietnam War and Iraq War Initiative. It is not a finished product. We have several teachers and departments of education in 35 states reviewing and providing a critique.

We have a webinar scheduled for March 28 through the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) and their 13,000 teachers. It was the idea of the president of the NCSS to include the War in Iraq now in our initiative. Collectively we have about 80 videos on Iraq, Desert Storm and the Iraq-Iran War in our collection.

When you click the Vietnam and Iraq Wars you will see our rational for doing this now.
Then you will see our supporters.
Bob McMahon
President  Veterans National Education Program
Cell Phone  610-585-5682



APRIL 29, 2019

VFW Post 3460 Annual and Life Members,

            I want to start off by addressing our Annual and Life Members. As Post 3460 heads into another year, following the VFW PA Department Convention in June, I will be setting goals for 2019-2020. I am happy to report that most of the goals we set for the present year have been achieved. The one remaining is getting more of you involved. We added over 20 members this year but once they join we see very few of them. That also goes for all our members. Where are you? The future of our post depends on you. Let’s take a look at what I am asking and come up with some solutions.

1.      We need to begin training some of you to become officers by working with us to carry on. One way is to attend our meetings and mingle with those in office now.

2.      One of the main reasons we are here is to help our fellow comrades and their families when they need it. One way is our Buddy Poppy Drives. All we ask is you give us two hours of your time to hand out Poppies and bring in donations for our Relief Fund. Right now, I am also looking for someone to run this year’s drive in the Media Area. So far no one has stepped up.

3.       Post 3460 has one of the few remaining Honor Guards in Delco. We are always in need of new members.

These are just a few of the reasons. We are a Proud Veterans Organization and need your support to do more for our comrades. We are having a  'Veterans Night' May 30th just for you. Come in and meet the officers, your fellow comrades and have some pizza and beer.

In comradeship'

Jake Knapp, Commander

​VFW Post 3460